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Certifications & Benefits

Quality & Our ISO 9001:2008 certification

At J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, we strongly believe that delivering quality products to satisfied customers is our most important goal. ISO 9000 is a series of standards that were developed by a technical committee of the International Organization for Standardization to harmonize quality system requirements internationally. The ISO 9000 quality system standard is the first to be recognized internationally and contains requirements for an effective quality management system. We have been ISO 9000 certified since 2003 and certified under ISO 9001:2008 standards since 2010.

Since our customers are our greatest assets, we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality truck bodies and trailers in the marketplace. These extremely rugged and durable truck bodies are built to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

We pledge to maintain our competitive edge and customer satisfaction by devoting our resources to continuing the advancement of total quality in every product we produce. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is our demonstration to our customers that we are committed to providing them with the most dependable and well-built bodies on the market today.

Other Certifications

J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to manufacture pressure vacuum tanks, in accordance with ASME's Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. We are also a National Truck Equipment Association verified member, having met or exceeded NTEA's standards for quality and safety as a manufacturer and upfitter.







Rely on our experienced sales staff

At J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, we have a knowledgeable sales staff with over 100 years experience in the trucking industry. With a solid background like this, you can rely on their expertise to assist you in specifying the right product for your specific application. From your initial call until final delivery, our entire staff is easily accessible and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

 Get the truck you want and let us build the rest your way

Whether you need a standard or custom design, we can build a dump body or trailer to your specific requirements. Unlike other manufacturers who use "cookie cutter" designs, at J&J, we provide you with customized solutions that suit your needs. And, we can give you fast response weight distributions and proposal drawings of a specific chassis and body to suit your individual application. Our customers know what to expect when we make delivery, because we've taken out the guesswork with specification packages we know work. Our turnkey installation includes making sure that our product is properly installed on your tractor or chassis. When delivered, you can put it on the road immediately and start increasing your revenues right away.


Products you can rely on, built with quality materials and workmanship

Top grade materials and expert workmanship guarantee you truck equipment that is reliable, durable, and built to last. At J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, there is no compromising on the quality of the materials we use. Not only are we ISO certified, we use suppliers who are also ISO 9001 certified, giving you the confidence that the materials we use are of highest quality, each and every time.


Over 50 years experience

Our 50 plus years of experience enables us to optimize our products for reliability, maximum payload, serviceability, and conformance with every state's different rules and regulations. Our experience gives you the added advantage of knowing that we know how to select the right material for the job. At J&J, we use high tensile steel and top grade aluminum in all our dump bodies and trailers.


Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering staff use the most up-to-date technology to build you precision-engineered products you can depend on in the most rugged applications. We also employ expert welders and other craftsmen who follow strict quality guidelines. Each product is given detailed attention and a thorough inspection before it is delivered to you.


Our standard features make our products stand apart from the competition

We offer many standard features that are usually only offered as options at other manufacturers. For example, the top of the dog box on our aluminum bodies comes equipped with a heavy steel horseshoe style reinforcement, while most other body builders use aluminum support only. Instead of 2 separate pins, we place a full width pin on the bottom of our aluminum body tailgate, giving you better support and lessening the chance of the gate bending.

To give extra strength where the aluminum body needs it most, a 4" X 4" angle makes up the rear post and our vertical posts cover 7" of the base of the material on the body and the horizontal bracing covers 11" of the material.

The top rail on our waste hauling trailers is built to a 3/4 inch thickness. The extra thickness and roller style cross tie, combine for the strongest top loading trailer available. You can depend on our top rail to protect your trailer from top loading damage, giving you years of dependable and rugged use.


Customer service working for you

Our job does not end with the delivery of your equipment. Our friendly customer service, warranty, and parts staff are always available to help you. Whether your question is about parts or warranty claims, we give you answers fast and we follow up with quick turnaround service. Our staff is dedicated to helping you make sure your truck stays on the road, where we know it belongs. We also understand that time is money and we, at J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, will always provide you with the best possible service.

DynaHauler Heavy Construction HCX
Heavy Construction Dump Body

HCX dump bodies are available in aluminum, steel, or stainless.

DynaHauler Half Round Barrel HR
Half Round Dump Body

The DynaHauler ® /HR is a half round dump body used primarily in paving and other material hauling applications.

DynaHauler Light Duty LDC Aluminum
Light Duty Chassis Dump Body

The DynaHauler/LDC dump body is designed for contractors, landscapers, and government agencies who need a smaller dump truck that works like a heavy-duty workhorse. It’s a great choice for road maintenance and construction applications. Rely on this dump body to provide you with many years of hard work.

DynaHauler LightWeight Crossmemberless LWC
Steel LightWeight Crossmemberless Dump Body

The Lightweight Crossmemberless (LWC) steel dump body provides a considerable weight savings over traditional side post models.

DynaHauler Medium Duty MDC Aluminum
Medium Duty Chassis Aluminum Dump Body

The MDC is a real DOT favorite, as it can be easily outfitted with snow plows and/or spreaders. Its dump body (9', 10', 11' or 12') is custom engineered for a medium duty chassis and comes with J&J's exclusive 50725, 15-ton hoist.

DynaHauler Material Hauler MH Aluminum
Material Hauler Dump Body

You can rely on the rugged DynaHauler ® /MH for all your material hauling needs. These precision-engineered truck bodies are built to withstand many years of hard material hauling use and come with many extra, ready-to-work features.

DynaHauler Material Hauler Smooth Side MH EVO
Material Hauler EVO Dump Body

J&J's EVO series material haulers are an excellent solution if you're hauling aggregates including asphalt, sand, stone, gravel or coal.

DynaHauler Roll Off Hoist ROH
Roll-off Hoist Truck

J&J roll-off cable-style hoist trucks are built for customers who transport solid waste containers to and from waste processing facilities.

DynaHauler Semi Elliptical SE
Semi-Elliptical Dump Body

The DynaHauler ® /SE is a steel semi-elliptical body designed to haul asphalt, gravel, sand, and other materials.

DynaHauler Stainless Steel Dump SSD
Stainless Steel Dump Body

The DynaHauler ® /SSD is a medium-duty, lighter weight, crossmemberless press side stainless steel dump body that's a great choice for severe weather road maintenance applications.

DynaHauler UltraLight UL
Steel Ultra Light Crossmemberless Dump Body

This multi-purpose dump body is an excellent solution for hauling asphalt today and shot rock tomorrow. Click below for more information and to see the new Ultra Light video.

DynaHauler Aluminum Dump Trailer Aluminum Frame AF
Aluminum Frame

Engineered in response to our customers requests for a lighter weight dump trailer that lets them haul more, the DynaHauler ® /AF is a lightweight, but still rugged alternative to traditional steel bodies.

DynaHauler Aluminum Push Out APO
Aluminum Push Out Trailer

The DynaHauler ® /APO is designed for waste hauling.

DynaHauler Aluminum Tipper AT
Aluminum Tipper

One of our most popular trailers, the rugged DynaHauler ® /AT tipper trailer features many ready-to-work components that have been specially designed with the driver in mind.

DynaHauler Demolition DT
Steel Demolition Dump Trailer

The DynaHauler ® /DT dump trailer is built to work in abusive job-site conditions hauling heavy demolition and construction debris.

DynaHauler Frameless FL
Aluminum Frameless Trailer

Lightweight but powerful, the J&J frameless dump trailer can do it all when it comes to hauling bulk commodities.

DynaHauler Aluminum Dump Trailer Steel Frame FTA
Steel Frame / Aluminum Body

The DynaHauler ® /FTA is built with a steel frame and aluminum body and is engineered for excavation, construction material hauling, and other applications.

DynaHauler Steel Dump Trailer FTS
Steel Frame / Steel Body

The DynaHauler ® /FTS is built to handle a variety of demanding applications. It is precision engineered for excavation and construction material hauling.

DynaHauler Half Round Trailer HRT
Steel Half Round Trailer

The DynaHauler ® /HRT is built with J&J Body Armor steel, making it possible to reduce the weight, provide greater durability and stability and increase operational safety.

DynaHauler LF Live Floor Post Trailer
Live Floor

The DynaHauler ® /LF is an open top transfer trailer engineered for municipal or commercial use.

DynaHauler Aluminum Pup Trailer PTA
Aluminum Pup Trailer

Our aluminum body/steel frame dump trailer allows you to haul more materials with each trip.

DynaHauler Steel Push Out SPO
Steel Push Out

The steel push out trailer is engineered for muncipal or commercial use. This transfer trailer ejects horizontally, eliminating the sometimes dangerous problem of tipping at the landfill.

DynaHauler Steel Scrap Trailer SST
Steel Scrap Dump Trailer

If you are a scrap hauler, you'll appreciate the reduced weight, increased wear life, and the superior strength of our steel scrap dump trailer.

DynaHauler Steel Pressure Vacuum Tank PVT
Pressure Vacuum Tank - Steel

Our pressure vacuum tank trucks have 80-135 BBL capacities (3360-6000 gallons) and are typically used for transporting brine water from natural gas well sites.

DynaHauler Off Road
Dyna Hauler Off Road

DynaHauler Pressure Vacuum Tank PVT
Pressure Vacuum Tank - Aluminum


Our pressure vacuum tank trucks have 80-135 BBL capacities (3360-6000 gallons) and are typically used for transporting brine water from natural gas well sites.


DynaHauler Aluminum Dump Trailer FTA EVO
Aluminum Dump Trailer

DynaHauler Aluminum Tipper Smooth Side AT EVO

DynaHauler Aluminum Live Floor Smooth Side LF EVO

Mobile Hydraulic Fracturing System
Trailer Mounted J&J FPT 2250 Triplex

The J&J FPT-2250 Triplex is a trailer-mounted fracturing sytem for high pressure well stimulation.

DynaHauler Tank Trailer
Water Transport Trailer

Superior construction. Excellent performance. J&J's DynaHauler PVT 130 BBL trailers engineered to meet the rigorous demands of oil and gas field service work.

Manifold Trailer

Winch Tractor
Winch Tractor

Lubrication Trucks

Downtime is lost money. Solve that problem with J&J Lubrication Trucks.

High Pressure Well Service Truck

J&J's sophisticated service trucks are used to maximize oil and gas production.

DynaHauler Material Hauler MH Steel
Material Hauler Dump Body Steel

You can rely on the rugged steel DynaHauler ® /MH for your material hauling needs. These precision-engineered truck bodies are built to withstand many years of hard material hauling use and come with many extra, ready-to-work features.

DynaHauler Medium Duty MDC Steel
Medium Duty Chassis Steel Dump Body

The MDC is a real DOT favorite, as it can be easily outfitted with snow plows and/or spreaders. Its dump body (9', 10', 11' or 12') is custom engineered for a medium duty chassis and comes with J&J's exclusive 50725, 15-ton hoist.

Dyna Hauler Light Duty LDC Steel
Light Duty Chassis Dump Body

The DynaHauler/LDC truck body is designed to fit a lighter truck and comes with many ready-to-work features. These include a 10 ga. high tensile steel floor, fabricated front rear and side posts, low loading height, up to 24” tailgate, a cab protector, and more. It’s a great choice for road maintenance and construction applications. 

DynaHauler Light Duty LDC Stainless
Light Duty Chassis Stainless Dump Body

The DynaHauler/LDC stainless steel truck body is designed to fit a lighter truck and is an ideal choice for severe weather road maintenance and construction applications. It’s durable, provides low maintenance, won’t corrode, and resists staining. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, so you’ll get years of use out of this rugged dump body. 

DynaHauler LPG Propane Tank
Liquid Propane Gas Bobtail Tank Truck

Transport Trailer
Liquid Propane Gas Tank Trailer

NEW! DynaHauler Horizontal Ejector HE
The Game Changer for Snow and Ice Control and Aggregate Hauling

The Horizontal Ejector is a revolutionary new snow and ice control and aggregate hauling truck.  The Horizontal Ejector technology eliminates the risks associated with overhead obstacles, reduces driver distraction, has a low center of gravity, and prevents roll-overs that can occur from raising a dump body in unsafe conditions.